Marvin and Chris Crockett started a print shop for New Tribes Mission in the
Highlands of Papua New Guinea in 1975 and served there for 30 years.
Gradually, as technology changed, many of our missionaries began doing their
own printing on their own computers and laser printers in the remote tribal
areas where they worked. In 2005, NTM field leadership decided to downsize
and decentralize the field print shop. As a result, the print shop
missionary staff was directed to seek other ministries. Marvin and Chris
accepted an invitation to join the staff at the New Tribes Missionary
Training Center in Missouri, as assistant manager of the campus book store.
The MTC book store provides the materials required by the students in the
four semester course as well as the fifth, optional, linguistics course. A
small print shop is part of the book store where they reproduce various
technical booklets used in the course to teach phonetics, linguistics, field
medicine and culture learning. Marvin also purchases textbooks from
wholesale suppliers for the course and assists the other staff in the daily
operation of the shop as well as in using the sales and inventory software.
Although they are not “instructors” in the course, they provide a vital
service as part of the “team” that is equipping and preparing the missionary
candidates for the kind of career missionary pioneer church planting work
our missionaries do on all our fields.

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