Trinity Kidz Sunday School

Children, grades K-5, will meet in the Children’s Ministry area, during the 10:45am service. Children will begin in the Worship Center with their parents and participate in the worship music, then they will be dismissed to the Children’s area. We are sorry for the inconvenience. When COVID restrictions are lifted we will resume normal Children’s Ministries for both services.

Also, we are updating our Children’s records.  Below you will find a form and we are asking parents to fill it out for each child

We are continuing to put information up on our Facebook page.  You can click on the Trinity Kidz icon to the left and it will take you directly to our site.

If there are any ways we can pray for you and your family or serve you in any way, please let us know.

Nursery, Toddlers & Pre-K

Child care for your little ones is also only available during the 2nd service at 10:45am. We are in need of some additional care givers, so if you are able to help out once a month, please let the Children’s’ staff know or call the church office. If you are planning on entrusting your little one(s) to us when we are able to provide care, please fill out the form below with your child’s information.

Child Information

Personal/Medical information on children in the Children's Ministry Dept. For sole use while in the care of Trinity Church and their Children's Dept.
  • Please note mo (months) or yr (years)
  • Please fill out only if you are NOT the Parents or Guardians. Tell us what your relationship to the child is. (i.e Grandparents)
  • If the child's address is different than the responsible party, please specify and add both address.
  • If needed, this will be our contact with you while your child is in our care.
  • Please specify. If none, please put N/A.
    This is a required field. Please check. one of the boxes.
  • If none, please put N/A
  • Please list all persons authorized to pick up your child from the Children's department.