Sermon Notes

**PLEASE NOTE** We had technical difficulties during the live stream, so there is a very small portion of the sermon missing. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Pastor Chris continues this week in John chapter 4 speaking from verses 31-45. This is part 2 of “Having the Heart of Jesus.” Last week we learned about Jesus’ heart as He spoke to the Samaritan women at the well. Jesus had compassion and looked beyond her physical need to her greater spiritual need. She believed Jesus and saw her need for His “Living Water.” She ran back to her village to testify to everyone. In this passage Jesus is speaking to His disciples and we learn, as they did, that we need to look for the harvest, those ready to believe in Jesus and to look for and see those who need the Gospel. Thank you for joining us online. If you are able to join us in person, we have two services, the 1st is at 9am and the second service is at 10:45. This was recorded Sunday, March 7, 2021


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