Sermon Notes

Preaching – Sr Pastor Chris Reutepohler – Series “Breaking the Cycle: A Study of Judges”

Scripture passage: Judges 10:1-18


  • I. Israel’s Sin
  • A. Did evil knowing God was watching.
  • B. Worshipped what the world around them worshipped (Idolatry)
  • C. Turned their back completely on God
  • II. How God responded to Israel’s sin
  • A. Allowed them to be harassed and oppressed by their enemies
  • B. Told them to cry out to their ”other” gods for deliverance instead of to Him
  • III. How Israel responded to God’s response to sin
  • A. Total surrender
  • B. True change
  • IV. Why did God respond this way?
  • A. It was out of compassion
  • B. God is restless in the presence of suffering
  • C. God is grieved over the sin of His children





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