Sermon Notes

Preaching – Assoc. Pastor Vern Giesbrecht – Scripture passages: Jonah 1 & 2


Act 1 – Jonah’s Disobedience (Chapters 1 & 2)

Scene 1 – Why Jonah disobeyed God’s direct command (1: 1-3)

  • A difficult and dangerous mission
  • To escape from the presence of God
  • Result: Any direction away from God is downhill

Scene 2 – Why God sent a great storm (1: 4-16)

  • To awaken Jonah from his sleep of denial
  • To contrast Jonah with the pagan sailors

Scene 3 – Why God provided the great fish (1:17)

  • To show His mercy and give Jonah a second chance
  • To fulfill His purposes for Nineveh

Scene 4 – Jonah’s great prayer (2: 1-9)

  • “God’s Severe Mercies” – Taken down before being lifted up
  • God’s Grace – Deserving of divine justice
  • God’s Grace – Unable to cleanse or redeem ourselves
  • God’s Grace – It costs the death of another


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