Sermon Notes

Preaching – Assoc. Pastor Vern Giesbrecht – Scripture passages: Jonah 3 & 4


Act 2 – Jonah’s Obedience (Chapters 3 & 4)

Scene 5 – God repeats His compassionate command (3: 1-2)

Scene 6 – Jonah obeys God’s command (3:3-10)

  • The miracle of Nineveh’s repentance
  • The mystery and wonder of God’s mercy

Scene 7 – Jonah, a displeased and angry prophet (4:1-4)

  • He knew his God too well
  • Jonah’s sin: Hoarding God’s blessings for himself

Scene 8 – Jonah, still a work in progress (3:5-11)

  • God’s provision of mercy on Jonah
  • The unanswered question to God’s mercy




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