Sermon Notes

Sr. Pastor Chris Reutepohler continues his series entitled, “Certainty in Uncertain Times.” It is a study in the book of 1 Thessalonians. Today he will be speaking on 1 Thessalonians 2:10-12

The outline below is combined from last week’s sermon. Today’s sermon outline is in bold.


I. Paul gives 2 analogies to describe their ministry to the Thessalonians (v. 1-12)

A. That of a faithful steward (v. 1-6)

B. That of loving parents (v. 7-12)

  1. A loving mother (v. 7-9)

a. Gentle touch

b. Nurturing spirit

c. Self-Sacrificing Love

2. A concerned father (v. 10-12)

a. Instructing through conduct

-holiness – reflecting one’s relationship with the Lord

-righteousness – manifesting right conduct

-blamelessness – above reproach

 b. Instructing through counsel

-exhortation – urge to action

-encouragement – make one feel better/want to be better

-charging – make an emphatic demand


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