Sermon Notes

Sr. Pastor Chris Reutepohler continues his series entitled, “Certainty in Uncertain Times.” It is a study in the book of 1 Thessalonians. Today he will be speaking on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
I. We can be certain of the Day of the Lord
A. A contrast between those who are ready and those who aren’t (v. 2-11)
1. Those who aren’t ready (v. 2-3)
a. The Day of the Lord will comes as a surprise (v.2)
b. The Day of the Lord will be inescapable (v.3)

2. Those who are ready (v. 4-11)
a. Are Sons of light/have a changed identity (v. 4-5)
1. Not destined for wrath (v. 9a)
2. Destined for salvation through Christ (v. 9b-10)
b. 3 attributes of readiness (v. 6-11)
1. Be alert (v. 6)
2. Be sober-minded (v. 6-8)
3. Encourage and build each other up (v. 11)


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